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27 Things You Need To Up Your Shower Game

You don't spend enough time in the shower already.

Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed

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1. This perfect wine holder so you can truly enjoy your shower.

Keep your wine within reach at all times.

Price: $12.50

Get it here.

2. These whipped vegan soaps to make you smell like a birthday cake.

Price: $6.50

Get them here.

3. This temperature display so you never get in to a too-hot or too-cold shower again.

4. This waterproof bluetooth speaker to help you sing in the shower.

Price: $11.09

Get it here.

5. This zombie scrub that removes dead skin.

6. This shower light with seven different color settings.

7. This soap dispenser to keep everything in one neat place.

Price: $29.75

Get it here.

8. These soaps made with your favorite beers.

Brings a whole new meaning to "shower beer."

Price: $7.99

Get them here.

9. This fogless mirror so you can constantly check yourself out.

Price: $10.49

Get it here.

10. This foot scrubber sandal for a mini-massage every time you shower.

11. This five-setting shower head with a rainfall option.

12. This shower gel to create a blood bath.

13. This aromatherapy kit to make your shower smell as good as you do.

It diffuses into the water to leave you (and the shower) smelling great.

Price: $45

Get it here.

14. These FREAKING ADORABLE gummy bear soaps.

Price: $7.75

Get it here.

15. These shower squids to hold all your products.

16. This waterproof shower clock to keep track of the time.

17. This adorable starfish drain cover.

Price: $5.77

Get it here.

18. This shower curtain to create a birch forest.

19. This warmer to keep your towels nice and toasty.

It's a splurge, but...warm towels! All the time!

Price: $99.99

Get it here.

20. This charming whale bath spout cover.

21. This bath mat to start your day off right.

22. This cute little bubbles soap dish.

Price: $8.24

Get it here.

23. This Darth Vader shower head.

24. These shower curtain hooks with little birdies.

25. These delicious-looking doughnut soaps.

Price: $7.95

Get them here.

26. This Tardis shower rack.

27. This rubber bath mat with a happy whale.

Price: $15.89

Get it here.

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