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31 '90s Products You Can Still Find

But you can still buy them all now.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This 12 pack of Surge:

2. This beaded choker:

A goddamn staple that your mother still scoffs at. Find it here.

3. Or the ring versions:

Find them here.

4. These stick-on earrings:

Still awesome even when they end up stuck to your hair instead of lobes. Find them here.

5. These mood rings:

"Mine says 'love'...EWWW no im not!" Find how you're feeling here.

6. These iconic paper cups:

Hell yeah, they still exist. Find them here.

7. Or get a more permanent version:

Find it here.

8. This Koosh Ball toy:

Frequently featuring characters. Find it here.

9. This Hey Arnold! pin:

Recapture Helga's love. Find it here.

10. These Lisa Frank stickers:

Find them here.

11. These Girl Scout badges:

Find them here.

12. This Goosebumps book:

The original covers where the words literally had bumps. Find this one here, and this shop has a bunch more.

13. This anxiety-inducing game:

Find it here.

14. This Tamagotchi:

Find a newer version here. Note: newer version still dies easily.

15. These grunge bracelets:

Find them here.

16. These moon shoes:

Hospital visits not included. Find them here.

17. This Polaroid camera:

This one was released in 1998, but it's still modeled after the original boxy Polaroid. Find it here.

18. This Bop-It:

Find it here.

19. These alien rings:

We still believe. Find them here.

20. These Baby Bottle Pops:

Lick it, dunk it, shake it, and lick it again. Find them here.

21. This Spice Girls diary:

Girl power forever! Find it here.

Also...why did Mel B literally always make that face?

22. These smiley face earrings:

TBT to Wal-Mart stickers everywhere. Find them here.

23. The original Mad Libs:

The first one!! Find it here.

24. These butterfly hair clips:

They're great for holding back all your braids. Find them here.

25. Or these hair bows:

Find them here.

26. These stamp markers:

Find them here.

27. This Silly Putty:|pcrid|51465719890|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|&gclid=CjwKEAiA

Find it here.

28. This water ring toss game:

Find it here.

29. These slap bracelets:

Find them here.

30. These Lip Smackers:

The website still has all of them. Find them here.

31. And these horrifying little devils:

Find them here.

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