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28 Products For People Who Are Super Excited About Pineapples

A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.

1. This pretty purse.

2. This summery print.

3. This giant freaking pineapple pool raft.

4. These wall decals that come in 31 different colors.

5. This fancy pineapple bed for your pet.

6. This tote that just gets you.

7. This table lamp.

8. This watercolor journal.

9. This gold foil print.

10. These gold studs.

11. This metallic phone case.

12. These pink pineapple socks.

13. This hanging tapestry.

14. This delicate gold ring.

15. These teeny tea lights.

16. This tank with a pineapple that's too cool.

17. This gold tumbler.

18. This drawstring bag.

19. These metallic temporary tattoos.

20. These pineapple socks for men.

21. These colorful dangly earrings.

22. This carved pineapple mug.

23. These wrappers to make your wannabe cupcakes into pineapples.

24. This colorful pillowcase.

25. This owl that's trying to be as cool as a pineapple.

26. These pineapple-shaped paper clips.

27. These metal bookends.

28. These ice trays to make pineapple-shaped ice.