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17 Wedding Rings That Go Above And Beyond

If you want to say more than "I do".

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4. This ring to record your love:

This company engraves the sound waves for whatever you want to say to your partner around the ring. You could say "I do" or "I will love you forever" or "I like your hairy butt" because seriously, there's no real way for them to know what you said. Find it here for $385.


14. This illuminated ring:

These rings are made of carbon fiber, and each is handmade. The engineer behind the ring wanted something lightweight that couldn't bend out of shape when he was working. Plus they glow on the inside, and come in a bunch of colors. Find the multi-colored collection here for $147 and read more here.

17. This projection ring:

This ring was made as a project by the insanely talented Luke Jerram, and when light is passed through the ring, it projects a series of tiny portraits. Unfortunately it's not available for sale but you can read about it and the other amazing rings Luke has created here.