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Updated on Sep 13, 2018. Posted on Feb 19, 2016

17 Perfect Products For Embracing Your Inner Kanye

Because your life is dope and you do dope shit.

1. This t-shirt that demonstrates your Kanye-level frustration with the world.

2. This candle to pray to your true leader.

3. These temporary tattoos that are perfect for literally any part of your body.

Price: $6.67

Get them here.

4. This kingly poster.

Because everyone is bound to fall in love with you. Or your cooking. But probably you.

Price: $10

Get it here.

5. This pin to display your attitude.

6. This loving card to show how much you truly care.

Price: $3.25

Get it here.

7. These socks (saturated with every Kanye emotion on record).

Price: $19.99

Get them here.

8. These nail decals of Kanye and Kim.

Make sure Kanye is your middle finger. It's only right.

Price: $8

Get them here.

9. This Yeezy sticker because he is your OG.

Price: $1.80

Get it here.

10. This crop top that speaks the damn truth.

Price: $15.99

Get it here.

11. This print that might make you smile.

Price: $11.95

Get it there.

12. This onesie for the budding Yeezy.

Crawl so hard, mothers tryna find me.

Price: $20

Get it here.

13. This well-wishing mug for your Monday mornings.

Your Monday may be a week long. It's not our fault.

Price: $13.99

Get it here.

14. This flask to let your friends know what you care about.

15. This reminder of how to live your life.

16. This truly heartfelt cross-stitch.

It speaks to me.

Price: $25.97

Get it here.

17. And this shirt to spread the campaign.


Price: $25

Get it here.

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