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34 Wonderful Products For People Who Hate Clutter

Nobody ever said "I regret organizing my house."

Alice Mongkongllite/BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This wooden charging station with two USB ports to keep your devices in one place ($50).

An attempt to organize your desk. Get it here.

2. This place to put your keys ($23.99).

Keep your keys and bags handy in a cute way. Get them here.

3. These magnetic stickers to keep your important tools handy ($14.99).

Get them here.

4. This rack that will hold wine glasses *and* bottles ($49.95).

It can fit up to six glasses and six bottles of wine. Get it here.

5. These nesting prep bowls ($50).

A complete mixing bowl and measuring cup set that all fits together. Plus, so pretty. Get the set here.

6. These nesting utensils ($22.53).

Get the set here.

7. This remote control caddy ($17).

Finally, something besides a basket. Get it here.

8. These tool hooks to organize your garage ($14.99).

9. This organizer for the mess under your sink ($39.99).

So you can actually find stuff. Get it here.

10. This magnetic knife rack to save counter space ($24.30).

Less dangerous than throwing all your knives in a drawer. Get it here.

11. This organizing shower curtain ($19.86).

With nine pockets in three sizes for your personal care items. Get it here.

12. This decorative necklace organizer ($19).

With six hooks to keep your jewelry from getting tangled in a box. Get it here.

13. This easy-access organizer for all your cookware ($19.99).

14. These stackable snack containers ($10.99).

To keep your snacks together and from making a mess. Get it here.

15. This hanging shower caddy ($12.99).

It has holes in the bottom to drain water easily. Get it here.

16. This compact key holder to keep all your keys together ($19.55).

This organizer can hold up to 10 keys. Get it here.

17. This three-tiered bowl for anyone who really loves fruits and vegetables ($29.99).

Plus, they nest together. Get it here.

18. This chalkboard for keeping all your notes in one place ($39.90).

Rather than using scattered, forgotten sticky notes. Get it here.

19. This wooden catch-all dish ($14).

For your accessories, keys, or change. Get it here.

20. This reusable bag (or sock) holder ($23.99).

Instead of just putting all your plastic bags in another plastic bag. Get it here.

21. These color-coded storage containers ($11.99).

Perfect for kids and crafts. Get them here.

22. This makeup brush organizer ($15).

Even with a space for double-ended brushes. Get it here.

23. These modern magazine holders ($8.99).

(Dinosaur unfortunately not included). Get them here.

24. Or this two-tier wire magazine rack ($39).

25. This multi-layer towel drying rack ($14.99).

Slightly better than a pile on the floor. Get it here.

26. This under-shelf storage rack ($26).

For utensils, coats, or anything else. Get it here.

27. These modular fridge bins to help you find everything you're looking for ($10.95).

Never lose random containers of half-eaten hummus in the back of your fridge again. Get them here.

28. This drying rack that folds away ($34.99)

29. This under-shelf attachment for extra storage in your cabinets ($11.76).

More shelf space is a blessing. Get it here.

30. This towel holder ($14.99).

For multi-layer storage in one modern-style place. Get it here.

31. These shelves that are perfect for can storage ($31.35).

Get them here.

32. This mail organizer ($27.99).

You may not get to use the "lost my electric bill" excuse for much longer. Get it here.

33. This food container organizer that pulls down for easy access($19.59).

Trying to get one container and having them all fall on the floor is not as fun of a game as it sounds. Get it here.

34. This over-the-door caddy to store your hair products ($19.99).

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