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31 Stocking Stuffers For Every Harry Potter Fan

**Buys self extra-large stocking and shoves them all in**

1. These temporary tattoos:

SmashTat / Via

2. A package of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans:

Amazon / Via

Merry Christmas, here's a candy that tastes like a booger.

3. This cookie cutter:

cookiecutter4p / Via

Yer a cookie, Harry.

4. These magical playing cards:

GeekyGameGifts / Via

5. This Quidditch necklace:

TeresaAnneDesigns / Via

6. This intimidating sticker:

Redbubble / Via

The band of shade throwers.

7. A jar of Floo Powder:

GrimSweetness / Via

8. A prefect pin:

KingsCrossStation / Via

9. This universal remote wand:

Swish and flick.

10. These mischievous shot glasses:

NationalEtching / Via

Alcohol not included :(

11. This Felix Felicis necklace:

PotionShoppe / Via

13. These golden snitch earrings:

PaulMichaelDesigns / Via

14. This disguised journal:

Redbubble / Via

15. This Deluminator:

16. This Death Eaters beanie:

Hot Topic / Via

Because sometimes you need to tell someone they're an asshole.

17. This Butterbeer lip balm:

NerdieNifties / Via

18. A little wizarding world money:

EntertainmentEarth / Via

19. These geeky socks:

Geek Armory / Via

20. This series phone case:

Redbubble / Via

21. This wax seal:

Dokipaper / Via

22. These Dark Mark tights:

Hot Topic / Via

23. These wand necklaces:

Useless2Unique / Via

Bonus points if you know whose wands they are.

24. This golden egg necklace:

TuesdaysAndFridays / Via

25. These touchscreen gloves:

Amazon / Via

26. This Polyjuice Potion flask:

DrinkingBuddy / Via

Magically transform into someone who looks exactly like you but thinks they can dance.

27. The classic Harry Potter glasses:

Amazon / Via

Instagram caption: #sexynerd

28. This Gryffindor crest ring:

Niquegeek / Via

29. This Grim teacup:

MyCraftyMomma / Via

30. This Quidditch bookmark:

MyBookmark / Via

31. These suggestive undies:

MommaMadeItCo / Via

Mischief managed ;)

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