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Is Someone More Likely To Stop And Talk To A Stranger If They're Dressed Attractively?

Would Beyoncé be Beyoncé if she wasn't hot???

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Ever wonder why successful people are usually pretty hot too? Well, we do. So, we decided to see if a person dressed to the nines could collect more money from strangers for charity than a person who was super dressed down.

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We enlisted the help of Yessica to put this theory to the test. She tried the same experiment in one super-dressed-down outfit...

...And one all done up.

It was time to see which of Yessica's looks could raise the most money for charity.

When Yessica was dressed up, she could pretty easily get people to stop on the street.

Meanwhile, the scrub version of Yessica could barely get anyone to give her the time of day.

In the dressed-up experiment, Yessica was able to rake in a decent amount of cash.

Overall, dressed-up Yessica made $26.70 and dressed-down Yessica made only $4.50.

So why does this happen?! Well, it's actually called the "halo effect" and it happens when people take one positive trait and apply it to others. So people can inaccurately assume hot = nice, smart, and funny.

Moral of the story? We have to fight these biases because we're all a bit superficial. And maybe if Beyoncé only wore sweats she wouldn't be Beyoncé? (But, tbh she probably would still be Beyoncé.)

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