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    9 Canadian Indie Books That Deserve Your Money On #CanadaDay/#IndiePrideDay

    It's #CanadaDay. It's #IndiePrideDay. It's about damn time Canada got some recognition.

    1) The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper's Destiny by C.A. King


    Do you love prophecies? Is your thirst for fantasy too big for one book? C.A. King has you covered. Once you finish this tantalizing opener into teenage Willow's magical world, four more books are waiting to whet your appetite. Rediscover vampires, witches, ghosts, monsters, dragons, Santa Claus, and many more mythical creatures in ways that you've never before seen.

    2) After Oil by Kristan Cannon


    Think you know what happens when crude oil runs out? Think again. This is not your father's Mad Max. When Derek Moss is just on the cusp of an early retirement, he abruptly finds himself fighting to find a place for himself and his wife in a new and hard world. Check out this excellent beginning to the Kingdom of Walden series, which is currently available for free in the Kindle store.

    3) Through Glass by Kari Fisher


    Perhaps fantasy is too far away and oil shortages hit too close to home. Perhaps you've already read the other two. The first book in the Glass series may be your Goldilocks book. Focusing on Lauren Blue's flight from her shameful past to a big city where she meets Oliver Fallon, this book is equal parts romance and suspense. Also, it's currently free in the kindle store. You're welcome.

    4) The Doll by Rosie Burthom


    Maybe a scary story is more your speed. After all, it is campfire story season. Try on the paranormal for size in this fast-paced tale of Janie, a teenage girl who not only becomes homeless, but also becomes embroiled in a dangerous situation with a deadly doll. Her only hope: Lillian Darkwood. Pick it up for free in the Kindle store today.

    5) The Coffee Monster by Nate Friedman


    Addiction. Intrigue. Monsters. This is the kind of children's book you WANT to read to your kid/niece/nephew for the 4,127th time. A charming, humorous tale about telling the truth, taking care of oneself and each other, and working through everyday issues, The Coffee Monster is for kids of all ages, even the adult ones.

    6) Maddox Files: Back to Business by R.J. Davies Mornix


    Private eye fiction + science fiction = an out-of-this-world mystery. Dice Maddox, private investigator (off the job until recently), helps Ryan Winters navigate the mystery of the peculiar woman he doesn't remember marrying. As Dice follows the case's deepening spiral, she finds herself wondering what, not who, Ryan's bride really is.

    7) Fallen by M.J. Spickett


    Canada may have a reputation for being an icy wasteland, but Spickett's Fallen heats things up. If you're looking for a sexy paranormal detective story, your search is over. Follow Selena Hawke, faery and police officer, as she fights enemies in both the mundane and paranormal worlds. A string of murders and a dark, sexual faery criminal promise that this book will engage you to the highest (and hottest) degree of the law.

    It's All About the Process

    Indie books don't just spring into existence fully-formed, and they're not always published all at once. These last two works give us a glimpse into the reality of the rich, complex reality of indie publishing.

    8) Happy Birthday Jonas by Daryl J. Ball


    Think that "real books" are published all at once? Think again. Charles Dickens published his novels as serials, and that trend is on the rise again via sites like Wattpad. Happy Birthday Jonas is a story of a father and son, but moreover, it's a fascinating, unraveling tale of discovery.

    9) The Traveller's Cup by A.C. Baldwin


    Space dragons. Space wizards. Ancestral treasures. If these three ideas have your little nerd heart bursting with excitement, A.C. Baldwin's The Traveller's Cup is for you. This crowd-funded space opera benefits BuildOn, a charity for adult literacy, and is just waiting for you to pre-order a copy. Help A.C. Baldwin bring space dragons to Planet Earth, and know that your donation is changing lives.

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