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    6 Summer Reads That Deserve Your Money On #IndiePrideDay

    July 1st is #IndiePrideDay. Help the little guy out and explore new worlds.

    1) Until the Stars Fall From the Sky by Mary Crawford


    Perfect for a summer beach read, this humor-filled yet poignant romance explores everything from hopes & dreams to true love & disability. Dig your toes into the sand and let this indie author's words wash over you.

    2) Grave Beginnings by R.R. Virdi


    If you like Supernatural, Castle, Firefly, or anything by Jim Butcher, you'll love this witty, inventive urban fantasy. This book is fast-paced and drenched in freshness that puts many mainstream novels of its type to shame. Passing this one up would be a grave mistake indeed.

    3) Foul is Fair by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins


    Less gritty than Virdi's urban fantasy world but no less compelling, Foul is Fair follows Megan O'Reilly as she deals with ADHD and, oh yeah, the discovery that she's magical and her dad's in great peril. Let yourself believe in faerie tales again, and see Seattle as you never have before.

    4) The Short Man by Joshua Cejka


    Your summer too busy to devote to a long novel? No problem. This Meg Brown Mystery is a bite-sized piece of thrilling goodness. If you like police procedurals and snarky wit, this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between you and Cejka's Holmes-ean universe.

    5) Someday I'll Be Redeemed by Kelly Blanchard


    Q. What do you get when magic & technology, royalty & mystery, dark pasts & bleak futures converge? A. This book. Someday I'll Be Redeemed is for people who love The Princess Bride and Star Wars equally, and for anyone who loves intriguing and complex characters.

    6) Stardust, Always by Andrew Barber, Lacey D. Sutton, Kate Post and many, many more. / Via

    Not quite sure what you're in the mood for but know that cancer's a bag of dicks? This is your book. Written in memory of Alan Rickman and David Bowie, this international collaborative anthology benefits cancer research for St. Jude's.