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    21 Things You'll Understand If You're Dating A Chef

    You have an insane amount of kitchenware.

    1. Your kitchen setup is insane: You have everything you could ever need to construct any meal at any given time.

    2. You've mastered the art of swanning into your S.O.'s work for free dinner/drinks while they're working.

    3. And when you do manage to score a free dinner, your portions are always insane.

    4. In fact, you’ve had some seriously good nights in the restaurant bar after closing time.

    5. If you live together, your dirty washing will always smell like grease, flour, and garlic.

    6. On the plus side, your partner always comes home with work gossip, which is basically like catching up on your favourite soap.

    7. Sometimes your S.O. goes the extra mile just to let you know they're thinking of you.

    8. Doing anything with your other half on the weekend is basically out of the question.

    9. And if you want to see your partner at all on a workday, your bedtime is pushed back 'til like 3am.

    10. Getting your partner up before 8am to do anything on their day off is virtually impossible.

    11. You rarely cook because your partner is always up to the challenge.

    12. Especially if it involves them trying new recipe ideas on you.

    13. And on the odd occasion you do cook, you’re always a little bit nervous about what they think of it.

    14. But whenever you're screwing up dinner, they come in and throw some random shit in there and make it taste amazing.

    15. You learn about all the gross kitchen banter and can never look at restaurants in the same way again.

    16. Chances are, you’re pretty close with your their colleagues, meaning when you come into work they’re all falling over themselves to serve you.

    17. Any time you get to go in the kitchen when you visit them at work, you feel like you’re backstage at a concert.

    18. You’re used to hearing a lot of very strong opinions about Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey.

    19. And watching GBBO in your house only ever ends up with your S.O. shouting at the TV screen.

    20. You’re used to your partner hardly ever having a phone that works.

    21. And finally, whenever anyone compliments their restaurant, you feel insanely proud telling them your other half is the chef there.