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18 Things You Didn't Know About Cold Callers

When you ask to speak to our manager, we pass you over to our mate.

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1. If you want to continue receiving cold calls, be rude to us.

Why should we spend our time removing you from the list when you can't keep your chill for two seconds to tell us you're not interested?

2. And if you want to avoid cold callers, be as nice as you possibly can.


If you ask us nicely to remove you from the list, we will.

3. Our managers say things like, "It's not cold-calling; it's pro-active calling" all the time. And we never believe them.

It's not. It's cold-calling.

4. We really, really, really don't want to call you.


But if we don't do it, we'll get the sack. So we have to.

5. People who politely tell us they aren't interested and then hang up make our day.


Not gonna lie though, they're pretty rare.

6. There's no feeling more satisfying than getting to the end of your calls list for the day.

7. Until your manager emails over the new list for you to "get started on right away".


8. Most of us will find any excuse not to work.

A delivery?! I'LL TAKE THAT!

9. Which is why we're always up for making a round of tea.

We can kill at least 15 minutes scrolling through Facebook in the kitchen if we make the next round.

10. Our managers often push us to continue phoning people who are dodging our calls.

It's awkward for everyone involved, we know.

11. So when the line rings out instead of someone picking up, we breathe a sigh of relief.

"I wonder how long I can drag this out for?"

12. There is nothing worse than asking for someone who has recently passed away.


"Hi, can I speak to Mr Dobbs please?"

"Oh, Mr Dobbs? Unfortunately he passed away a couple of months ago. May I ask who's calling?"

"Ummmm...oh god."

13. And there's nothing better than the person at the other end of the phone saying they're interested in whatever we're selling.


You're interested? REALLY?

14. Sometimes when you ask us to get the manager so you can complain, we just transfer you to a colleague.

Normally our manager doesn't want to talk to you. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

15. We've all had a time where we've had to hang up on a customer because we can't control a case of the giggles.

It's normally because a colleague is trying to distract us when the manager's back is turned.

16. We're constantly rolling our eyes at the "How did you get this number?!" question.



17. Shouting and swearing at us only upsets you.

We've heard it all before, so it doesn't really have the desired effect.

18. And even though we often want to jack it all in, there's always that big order that brings in a nice bonus at the end of the month.

And the people we work with are endlessly awesome.