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17 Picture-Perfect Places In Essex


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1. The Beach Huts, West Mersea

West Mersea is home to the prettiest beach huts in Essex, and we do take our seaside game pretty seriously. Bonus points if you rent out one of these huts for the day. #liveauthentic

2. Finchingfield

Flickr: markseton / Via Creative Commons

Finchingfield is so gorgeous that it's quite literally been named the most beautiful village in England, as well as a "picture-postcard" village and one of the most photographed. Enough said, right?

3. Afternoon Tea at the Tiptree Jam Factory

It's totally worth saving yourself for afternoon tea here, not only for the perfect 'gram picture but also because YUM TIPTREE JAM.


5. Bourne Mill, Colchester

Your caption should be something like: Bourne Mill + Bread + Ducks = The most perfect day.

7. The Basildon Sign

Because it's the Basildon sign and it's real and you must tell all of your friends.

8. The River Stour, Dedham

Taking a row boat out on the River Stour in Dedham is, like, the ultimate summer's day out in Essex. Plus it's guaranteed LOLs to make your mate/other half do all the rowing whilst you take pictures of them.


10. Flitch Way, Rayne

For when you need that perfect moody setting for a "walking away" style snapshot, or a picture of you riding your bike.

11. The Beach, Frinton-on-Sea

If you squint, it kind of looks like Mykonos, right? Do you see that?


13. Castle Park, Colchester

Colchester Castle is a pretty famous landmark in Essex, but it's actually the park that surrounds the castle where the real magic happens.

15. Heybridge Basin, Maldon

Flickr: 12580570@N08 / Via Creative Commons

Heybridge Basin is the perfect place to whip out your phone and take some moody, scenic snaps as you sit and watch the world go by, or take a light stroll by the sea.

Bonus points if you do it with a pint from The Jolly Sailor pub nearby.

16. John Webb's Mill, Thaxted

Flickr: markseton / Via Creative Commons

John Webb's mill is currently out of action due to a broken sail, but that doesn't stop you from grabbing your camera and getting yourself over to Thaxted for a moody photo shoot with THE perfect backdrop.

17. Fingringhoe

And finally, for those days when you say screw it to your Instagram theme because you must spread the LOLs. #nofilter