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    The Most Interesting Photo Stories We Saw This Week

    A little bit of throwback and a lot of reflection on the human form.

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    1. "12 Photos That Make Us Miss The Golden Age of Flying" — Travel + Leisure

    SAS Museum

    "Nostalgia FTW with these historical images of the luxurious days of the airline industry. These colorful and candid snaps illustrate the beauty of flying, once appreciated but now far too expensive. Note: Overhead food shots have always been a thing." —Jared Harrell, photo editor, news

    2. "These Guys Got Undressed to Address Body Positivity in the Media" — BuzzFeed

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    "In tune with BuzzFeed’s Body Positivity Week, staff photographers David Bertozzi and Taylor Miller asked a group of guys to undress before the camera and respond to what “Body Positivity” means to them. These portraits are lit with only natural light and have not been photoshopped, offering an unadulterated perspective that celebrates those unique qualities that make us all different." —Gabriel H. Sanchez, photo essay editor

    3. "This Photographer Unflinchingly Captures The Effect Of Acid Attacks" — BuzzFeed News

    Asghar Khamseh

    "Asghar Khamseh has been widely recognized this year for this body of work, and deservedly so. The portraits are as human as they are hauntingly beautiful, with the faces of the men, women, and children showing the scales of cruelty and resilence within a single frame." —Kate Bubacz, senior photo editor, news

    4. "London During the Blitz: Then and Now Photographs" — The Atlantic

    Jim Dyson / Getty Images

    "This past week, the United Kingdom marked the 75th anniversary of the Blitz — a relentless bombing offensive launched by Nazi Germany at the early stages of World War II. While few of the scars remain visible today, Getty Images photographer Jim Dyson has revisited the sites with his camera to merge the present with the past, revealing the scars that exist just below the surface." — GHS

    5. "Widowed by ISIS: Yazidi Women Find Strength in Motherhood" — NBC

    Erin Trieb

    "Erin Trieb is a rockstar photographer in the Middle East, and this photo essay was one of two of hers that I considered picking for this week. Her uplifting portraits of Yazidi women with their children serve as a reminder that strength comes in many forms." —KB

    6. "These Portraits of Mexican Drag Queens Will Make Your Day" — BuzzFeed

    Luis Arturo Aguirre

    "Drag has become a part of the mainstream culture. (Thanks, RuPaul!) I love this series because it literally shows how drag is all in the attitude." —JH

    7. "Wild Photos of Russia's '80s Punk Scene in the Twilight of the USSR" — i-D

    Igor Mukhin

    "In the mid-'80s, amid the looming threat of nuclear war, photographer Igor Mukhin turned his camera’s lens toward the rebellious youth living behind the Iron Curtain of the USSR. Aside from the poignant contrast between the socialist state and its rebellious youth, for me, this series is also a testament to the insuppressible influence of rock 'n' roll among youth, even in the most totalitarian of societies. " —GHS

    8. "Are These Photos of People Kissing Awkward or Authentic?" — Slate

    James Friedman

    "James Friedman’s up close and touching series of people kissing is extremely intimate and personal. Friedman’s self-portrait aspect of including himself in his images channels greats such as Vivian Maier. The photos are candid, beautiful, and somewhat awkward, making this series give you all the feels. " —JH

    9. "And There They Died" — New Republic

    Andrew Lichtenstein

    "I like looking at photos that show aftermath, what happens after something stops being a headline (if it ever made it that far). Andrew Lichtenstein's series in the New Republic takes a studious approach to a difficult problem — urban violence — and visualizes it in a way that is relatable and emotional." —KB

    10. 26 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of May '68

    AP Photo

    A look at this month, 48 years ago.

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