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    10 Photo Stories To Get You Through The Weekend

    Unreality reigns this week, with some throwbacks thrown in for good measure.

    1. "Infared Photos Transform NYC Into Technicolor Dreamland" —Wired

    Paolo Pettigiani

    "Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani transforms beloved Central Park into a trippy scene like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Pettigiani moved to Harlem in upper Manhattan, and one morning walked the park for six hours before the usual crowds arrive. Pettigiani’s photos offer us a different lens of a postcard scene we’ve all seen time and time again." —Jared Harrell, photo editor, BuzzFeed News

    2. "Tryouts" —Dazed

    Ryan James Caruthers

    "Skin and bones are not exactly what we associate athletes with. And that’s precisely why Ryan James Caruthers’ photo project, Tryouts, is so confronting. This series of self-portraits hits hard in its commentary on the societal pressure to fit in and join the club (in his case, quite literally a sports club), and the struggles faced by those who simply aren’t built for it." —Anna Mendoza, photo editor, BuzzFeed Australia

    3. "Two Champions: Muhammad Ali and Gordon Parks" —The New York Times

    Gordon Parks, Courtesy of The Gordon Parks Foundation

    “With the passing of American legend Muhammad Ali at age 74, the New York Times has shared a moving tribute to the fighter through the lens of another American great, photographer and filmmaker Gordon Parks. These pictures not only capture the unique prowess and charisma of a larger-than-life champion, but also a young man navigating his newfound responsibility as a role model for a generation.” —Gabriel H. Sanchez, photo essay editor, BuzzFeed

    4. "The Photographer Creating Painterly Images Entirely From Memory" — AnOther

    Dean West

    "Dean West re-creates moments from his own memories, or from stories once told by his friends, into photographs sometimes mistaken for film stills from a Holllywood blockbuster. West’s process for creating his painterly photographs can be a long and exhausting process, sometimes taking up to 12 months to produce a single photograph. His photographs are dreamy, nostalgic, and very, very real." —JH

    5. "Photographing the Business of Online Intimacy" —TIME

    Lorenzo Maccotta

    "It's the details that Lorenzo Maccotta captures in this work that makes it captivating — the juxtaposition of the mundane and the salacious becomes blurred as the curtain is lifted on the unsexy side of online solicitation — technical problems, props, and kitsch dominate these frames." —Kate Bubacz, senior photo editor, BuzzFeed News

    6. "Queens" —LensCulture

    Tomaso Baldessarini

    "Tomaso Baldessarini’s body of work titled 'Queens' is an intimate and raw look at the identity and character of drag queens in Berlin, Germany. Baldessarini used a digital medium-format camera that captures a very large megapixel file, so that each and every detail in his subject’s portraits are easily seen. The portraits are honest and real, and tell a unique story about each one of these beautiful creatures." —JH

    7. "Riding Waves of Good Vibrations" —National Geographic

    Pierre Carreau

    "Pierre Carreau's images look like time froze or you were suddenly transported to another planet, not like a day at the beach. It's part of an excellent series on National Geographic in honor of World Oceans Day." —KB

    8. "First Females in Politics" —CNN

    Getty Images

    "History was made on Tuesday, as Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for U.S. president — a role that has never been granted to a woman in U.S. history. But the wheels to this historic event were set into motion long before Hillary’s time in politics. Here, CNN looks back at the women throughout American history who have laid the foundation for this tremendous and monumental feat.” —GHS

    9. "24 Harrowing Photos From the Front Lines of D-Day" —BuzzFeed News

    Getty Images

    "Some of these photos are so famous they cease to be merely a relic of history but have been transcribed into so many articles, films, and exhibits that the landscapes appear achingly familiar. Others are so intimate the harrowing reality of the day again becomes apparent and you are reminded why this one onslaught 72 years ago continues to resonate." —KB

    10. "Here Are the Diverse Ways Muslims Are Marking Ramadan Across the World" — BuzzFeed News

    Ozan Kose / AFP / Getty Images

    "Muslims around the world have commenced their observance of Ramadan. This collection of photos shows that while there are obvious similarities in their practice, there are notable differences in how the faithful in each country pray, eat, and go about their daily lives during the holiest month on the Islamic calendar." —AM