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    "The Carrie Diaries" Ratings Are Weak!

    Come on, people, get it together. This show is good.

    The CW

    AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie.

    Why aren't more people watching The Carrie Diaries? The show — a Sex and the City prequel — is very good; the lead actress, AnnaSophia Robb, is stepping into nearly impossible-to-fill shoes (literal shoes, and they're expensive) to play a young Carrie Bradshaw, and yet is doing it effortlessly; and executive producer Amy B. Harris seems to know what she's doing.

    So whether the problem is that the CW's younger audience just doesn't care about Sex and the City or '80s nostalgia, or simply hasn't caught on to The Carrie Diaries yet, who knows: But these ratings are not good!

    Let's take a look at the good-ish news first. This Monday's episode (1.5 million viewers) actually did better than last week's (1.3 million), and in the CW's core demographic, women 18 to 34, it got its best rating yet (a 1.0). Those numbers are very weak, though. The CW's biggest hit, The Vampire Diaries, doubles that or more.

    The CW has tried to deal with the challenges of seeking a young audience that doesn't necessarily sit down in front of a television to watch shows at appointed times by making deals with Hulu and Netflix, and having an app of its own. But still, for a show to stick around, some human beings must watch it the usual way.

    So if you are a Carrie Diaries fan, start rallying people now.

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