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    17 Times Tumblr Couldn't Believe What A Huge Fuckboy Zeus Was

    "Unfortunately, Zeus was feeling horny."

    1. When Zeus's entire story was perfectly condensed.

    2. When we knew who the real villain was.

    3. When Hercules could have been a very different movie.

    4. When he mixed up his conjunctions.

    5. When Hera didn't appreciate her husband's humour.

    6. When Greek mythology was basically reality TV.

    7. When everything would have been fine if he'd just stayed home.

    8. When his former flings showed up again.

    9. When he didn't prove his mother wrong.

    10. When Zeus was accurately described with a single song title.

    11. When just his arrival signaled that things were about to get crazy.

    12. When you really, really don't want to do that.

    13. When he had questionable standards.

    14. When his family was sick of his shit.

    15. When Zeus channeled his inner Selena Gomez.

    16. When Zeus honestly never thought they'd all be in the same room together.

    17. And when this was really all you needed to know about Zeus.

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