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32 Things That'll Piss Canadians Right Off

Aw geez, no, you can fuck right off, bud.

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2. This fucking insane comparison between U.S. and Canadian cell phone plans.


(This was an older plan that's no longer available, but trust us — things have not improved dramatically since.)


9. When we get a REAL Canadian snow storm and are expected to go into stupid work anyway.

This car isn't getting out anytime soon #snow #Canada

10. The size of this mothershitfuck hail stone.

Yikes, that's pretty scary RT @BraydonMoreSo: Golfball sized Hail South of Virden, Manitoba. #mbstorm


16. This pathetic fucking attempt at poutine.

Wendy's poutine: value fries and a small chili topped with shredded cheese. I also call it a "Keystone Pipeline."


18. And the stupid-ass cost of cucumbers.


27. This costume at the 2014 Miss Universe contest.

Chanel Beckenlehner, Miss Canada 2014, during the Miss Universe Preliminary Show in Miami, FL Jan21,2015 - Reuters

CORRECTION: The Miss Canada costume from the Miss Universe contest above is from 2014. A previous version of this story listed the year as 2015.


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