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    We Need To Talk About George Stroumboulopoulos’s Missing Soul Patch

    Where'd you go, little buddy?

    Canadian darling George Stroumboulopoulos has had an eventful few years. He went from interviewing some of the world's best and brightest on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight...

    To hosting his own show on CNN...

    To landing a sweet-ass gig as host of Hockey Night In Canada.

    And we don't want to begrudge him any of his success. Stroumboulopoulos is a smart, hard-working man who deserves everything he's achieved.

    But over this time, there's been something... off. Something that used to be there, that's now just gone from all of our lives.




    It used to be that wherever you found George, you'd find his sweet little soul patch. Two partners in crime, just trying to find their way in this crazy, mixed-up world.

    But now, whenever we see Stroumboulopoulos in public, it's clear he's just forgotten about his old best friend, opting instead for a full beard.

    Or he goes clean-shaven, as if we'd all just FORGET about the tuft of facial hair who was right in front of him during his meteoric rise to success.

    What HAPPENED to soul patch? Where is he? WHY DOESN'T ANYONE CARE?!?!

    What if the little guy is homeless, living in a box on the street?!

    Or maybe soul patch had to take on whatever work he could find, no matter how demeaning, just to make ends meet.

    But maybe we're just being pessimistic. Perhaps the soul patch simply retired to warmer climates and is living his best life on a beach somewhere.

    Wherever you are, little buddy, we hope you're happy, healthy, and creatively fulfilled.