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    21 Of The Most Pointless Things You've Ever Seen

    Why do we even bother?

    1. The completely flat Braille lettering on these cans of apricots:

    2. This warning sign:

    3. This book:

    4. Oh, and this book:

    5. These wipers:

    6. The eraser on this pencil:

    7. The "Yes" button on this alert message:

    8. The doors on these bathroom stalls:

    9. This gate:

    10. The locks on this gate:

    11. This chain-link fence:

    12. This wheelchair ramp:

    13. These steps:

    14. This Star Wars coloring book:

    15. The Flash's motorcycle (I mean, really?):

    16. This to-the-minute digital display at a bus stop:

    17. The holes in this lid:

    18. This door stopper:

    19. The lock on this jar of McDonald's special sauce:

    20. This theft deterrent:

    21. And, finally, this pointless graffiti: