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    15 Great Tumblr Posts I Saw This Week When I Definitely Should Have Been Working

    "Cut my life into peaches / They are a healthy snack"

    1. On eavesdropping:

    2. On big moods:

    3. On fake IDs:

    4. On vampires:

    5. On misunderstandings:

    6. On fruit:

    7. On hauntings:

    8. On excellent Marvel fan theories (no Endgame spoilers):

    9. On joyful feelings:

    10. On clowns:

    11. On brains:

    12. On scary stories:

    13. On making progress:

    14. On manners:

    15. And on VERY long meme posts that you'll only understand if you spend WAY too much time on the internet: