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    You Probably Didn’t Know Canadian Muppets Existed, Eh?

    Did you forget about Louis the French-Canadian otter?

    At one point or another, any self-respecting Canadian child has wished they could go to New York to hang out with their best friends in the whole world: The entire muppet cast of Sesame Street.

    But while Elmo lived in a different country, let's not forget that for nearly 30 years, there was also Canadian Sesame Street (!!!).

    Interspersed between your usual Sesame Street hijinx were Canada-centric segments featuring — ohhhh yes — CANADIAN MUPPETS.

    There was Basil, who, obviously, was a polar bear.

    Then there was Louis, a French-Canadian otter (sure, why not), and Dodi, a female bush pilot who found a fulfilling life in and out of the workplace.

    We had Katie, a young girl in a wheelchair who still got to join in on plenty of Sesame Street Adventures.

    And later on, there was even Chaos, an adorable kitten who was kind of Canada's version of Elmo.

    Together, these Canadian muppets taught our nation's youth very important lessons, such as how to be hip.

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    Spoiler: It involves proper hygiene.

    And they all had the best time, and why wouldn't they, because they all got to hang out IN CANADA. Because Sesame Street is for EVERYONE, no matter HOW FAR NORTH you live.

    Sadly, Canadian Sesame Street (or rather, Sesame Park as it was renamed later on) was unceremoniously cancelled in 2001. But these patriotic muppets from the Great White North will always live on in our hearts.