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This One Episode Of "The Simpsons" Can Tear Friendships Apart

"Ever see a guy say goodbye to a shoe?"

As any true Simpsons fan knows, "You Only Move Twice" is one of the best episodes — if not THE best — that the show has ever created. You know, the one where the Simpsons leave Springfield so that Homer can take a new job in Cypress Creek?

It inspired the one line Americans would repeat to Canadians over and over again for the rest of their goddamned lives:

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And, OF COURSE, it gave us the wonderful gift of Hank Scorpio, Homer's new boss who is full of support and good suggestions.

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"It's the hammock complex down on Third."

"Oh, the Hammock District."

(Never mind that Hank Scorpio is actually a maniacal supervillain. He's still a great boss.)

It's impossible to hate this episode. IMPOSSIBLE.

But despite being almost universally beloved, there is ONE THING about "You Only Move Twice" that fans have never been able to agree on.

It comes partway through the episode. Hank welcomes the Simpsons to their new home, and to show them JUST how welcoming he is, he throws away his moccasins — and this exchange happens:

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Hank: Don't like them? Then neither do I! [throws away the moccasins] Ever see a guy say goodbye to a shoe?

Homer: [chuckling] Yes, once.

A pretty amusing, innocuous scene right? WRONG. Because here's the question that can tear friendships apart at the seams:

When Homer says "yes, once," is he referring to some previous time he'd seen a man say goodbye to a shoe?


Is he referring to having JUST SEEN Hank throw away his moccasins?

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On one hand, OF COURSE the joke is that Homer has previously seen a man say goodbye to a shoe. That's just the kind of ridiculous thing that would happen to him.

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And the fact that we don't get any other details makes it even funnier.

But AT THE SAME TIME, it's just like Homer to say "yes, once" because he JUST saw it happen.

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That's exactly the kind of person he is.

If you think "hey, who cares?" then consider this: People have been arguing about this...

...for years...

...and YEARS.


"I've lost relationships over this argument."

STOP ALL THE FIGHTING! The Simpsons is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart!

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  1. So, let's end the madness and put the argument to rest, once and for all. What is Homer referring to when he replies with "yes, once"?

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So, let's end the madness and put the argument to rest, once and for all. What is Homer referring to when he replies with "yes, once"?
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    He's OF COURSE talking about a completely different time he saw a man say goodbye to a shoe.
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    He's DEFINITELY referring to Hank Scorpio throwing away his moccasins.
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    I'm afraid to pick one because I don't want my friends to be mad at me.


Dan Castellaneta weighed in with his interpretation of the joke. See his response here.

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