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    If You Own At Least One Cat, You Need To Get This Cat Litter, Seriously

    It clumps like concrete and won't make your house stink.

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    CATS. They're the best, right? No offense to our puppy pals, but cats are so wonderful that we cat owners literally don't care that we keep their poop in a box in our home.


    I mean, we're not EXCITED about the poop being there, but if it means we get to live with a cat, then so be it.

    Despite our huge love for our feline family members, though, every cat owner is always searching for the ideal cat litter —and, according to more than 13,000 (!) cat owners on Amazon, Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Litter fits the bill perfectly.

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    This stuff clumps well, isn't dusty, and it won't make your house stink of cat crap — the three things cat lovers NEED from kitty litter.

    A very ~nice~ 69% of reviewers gave it a five-star rating, and y'all — an 18-pound bag of this stuff costs just $9.23.

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    Even better, some reviews include photos of the users' cats!!! (Read all the reviews here.)

    Amazon user wart posted photos of these precious angels and said of Dr. Elsey's litter, "This stuff is amazing."

    wart / Amazon User / Via

    "It has the least dust of any litter I've used, it clumps like concrete, and the litter pan remains fresher longer, because when you scoop it you are getting more of the actual waste removed from the pan. None of the clumps crumble away to mix with the rest of the remaining litter! The clumps remain intact." —wart

    Another user named eddie told the story of adopting his cat named Cerulean (ahhhhh!) and trying out other litters before realizing that Dr. Elsey's was the best fit for both of them. And yes, there's a photo. Look at the sweet baby!!!

    eddie / Amazon User / Via

    "Even though it's heavy to carry and scoop, it molds and holds my cat's urine and stool, it tames odors, doesn't leave powdered or dust marks, and it lasts me almost two months with my single cat. I live in a one-bedroom, one-bath, 550-square-foot apartment! Cerulean and I are glad to own this litter." —eddie

    The litter works for multiple-cat households, too! Amazon user Didi, who posted photos of SEVERAL furry babies, insists that Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Litter is the only litter they trust to keep their home stink-free.

    Didi / Amazon user / Via

    "None of the other cat litters compared to the clumping power and lack of smell that this amazing litter offers. Not one! None of them clumped like Precious Cat. I can't do without this litter! It saves me every day, and my cats are happy." —Didi

    Cats are sweet and wonderful and we love them a lot, which means that we have no choice but to deal with their litter — but at least Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Litter can make that part a little bit easier.

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    And you'll get even more time to cuddle your sweet little furry children.

    Get Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Litter from Amazon or Jet for $9.23.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and clarity.