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    19 Things That Are Perfectly Normal In Hamilton, Ontario

    Via the Only In Hamilton Facebook page.

    1. This Iron Van:

    2. This determined carpenter:

    3. This man who is also determined to get around:

    4. This moving company:

    5. This gruesome collision:

    6. This vital item being protected:

    7. This friendly neighbour:

    9. This festive driver:

    10. This cat owner who should have cleaned the litter box a little more thoroughly:

    11. These over-the-top Christmas decorations:

    12. This dog who is better than an alarm system:

    13. This over-sharer:

    14. This bad-ass biker:

    15. This person who is selling the greatest vehicle in the world for some unknown reason:

    16. This sleepy toddler:

    17. This family business:

    18. This Christmas prankster:

    19. And this sad, sad Santa:

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