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    18 Times Rick Mercer Was Fucking Hilarious

    Ranting his way into all of our hearts.

    1. When he solved a mystery.

    2. When he defended tradition with intent, and not an ounce of sarcasm.

    3. When he put on his jammies and Stephen Harper read him a bedtime story.

    4. When he failed a lie detector test with flying colours.

    5. When he designed a suit with Don Cherry.

    CBC / Via

    6. When he played with some puppies.

    7. When he addressed Newfoundland stereotypes.

    8. When he learned the very serious process of bear tagging.

    9. When he trained with Christine Sinclair, captain of the Canada women's national soccer team.

    10. When he got swimming lessons from Canada's Olympic swim team.

    CBC / Via

    11. When he invented a dating service for conservatives.

    12. When he revealed the benefits of being gay.

    13. When he couldn't resist his curiosity.

    14. When he encountered #CanadianProblems.

    15. When he accurately described Toronto's reputation.

    16. When Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion schooled him on toughness.

    CBC / Via

    17. When he encouraged young people to make their voices heard.

    CBC / Via

    (And all of his rants are genius, tbh.)

    18. And, of course, when he revealed just how much Americans know about Canada.

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