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    Sep. 21, 2015

    Here's How Orphan Black Fans Are Dealing With Tatiana Maslany's Emmy Loss

    What you do you mean she didn't win?

    1. Denial

    "What do you mean she didn't win? How could she not win? THERE IS NO WAY SHE COULD NOT WIN."

    2. Anger

    "What the hell do you even want, Emmy voters? Do you want her to play another 50 characters?! WILL THAT FINALLY BE ENOUGH FOR YOU?!"

    3. Bargaining

    "But, like... Tatiana could still win at the Golden Globes, couldn't she?"

    4. Sadness

    "We spent years waiting for the Emmys to realize Tatiana's greatness and when they finally nominate her, we still end up heartbroken? It isn't fair!"

    5. Acceptance

    "Oh, wow. Viola Davis's acceptance speech is incredible. And important. And easily the greatest moment of the Emmy Awards. Viola FTW!"

    Cheers to you and your well-deserved Emmy win, Viola!

    Temple Street / Via

    Love, Clone Club.

    Tatiana, we love you, and we're sure you'll kick some Emmy butt next year.

    Temple Street / Via

    Invite us to the afterparty, eh?

    Watch Viola Davis's full acceptance speech below.

    View this video on YouTube

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