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    18 Brilliant Subscription Boxes That Every Canadian Needs

    From makeup to alcohol to tampons, they actually ship to Canada!

    Ellebox / Bakers Krate / BuzzFeed Canada

    1. Topbox

    Topbox / Via

    This Canadian company will send you a grab bag of different makeup and beauty products each month from brands like Aveda, Givenchy, Elizabeth Arden and more. You do have to request an invitation to subscribe, though, which can take a few days, or up to a few weeks.

    Price: $12/month CDN plus tax. Request an invitation here.

    Free Shipping? Yes!

    2. Bath Time Box

    Bath Time Box / Via

    For anyone looking for some variety in their bathing rituals, Bath Time Box offers an ever-changing subscription of shower products every month, including full and deluxe-sized samples.

    Price: Starting at $29/month USD. Subscribe here.

    Free Shipping? Yes!

    3. Jule's Wellness Lifestyle Box

    Jule's Wellness / Via

    If you're looking for health-conscious snacks and lifestyle products, Jule's is for you. They offer a wide selection of vegan, gluten-free, and environmentally conscious packages.

    Price: Starting at $34.32 CDN. Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!

    4. True North Delivery Co.

    True North Delivery Co. / Via

    For the true Canadian, or the Canadian who is truly homesick, the True North Delivery box includes plenty of signature Canadian snacks, including Kraft Dinner, Coffee Crisp, All-Dressed chips, Maple Cream cookies, and more.

    Price: $22.99 CDN/box. Order here.

    Free shipping? No; cost varies depending on your location.

    5. Wine Collective

    Wine Collective / Via

    Wine Collective curates different collections each month and sends them to you so you can try wines from around the world without leaving your house.

    Price: Starting at $52.99 CDN. Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!

    6. Canada Craft Club

    Canada Craft Club / Via Twitter: @CanadaCraftClub

    When you get tired of ordering the same pints of Labatt at the pub, Canada Craft Club allows you to sample different craft beers from across the globe.

    Price: Starting at $34.95 and going up to $125.95 CDN, depending on your package and location. Order here.

    Free Shipping? Yes!

    7. Coast to Coast Coffee

    Coast to Coast Coffee / Via Twitter: @C2CCoffee

    Addicted to caffeine? Coast to Coast Coffee sends out organic, fair trade, and freshly roasted coffee from different countries. You can choose to receive shipments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

    Price: Starting at $16.95 CDN/week. Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!

    8. My Tea Box

    My Tea Box / Via

    Sign up to receive three different teas each month so you can wake up to a different soothing smell every morning.

    Price: Starting at $24.99 CDN/month (tax included). Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!

    9. Carnivore Club

    Carnivore Club / Via

    Can't get enough meat? Each monthly box comes with between four and six artisan meats from top artisans in the industry.

    Price: $50/month CDN, or $55 CDN for a one-time purchase. Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!

    10. Bakers Krate

    Bakers Krate / Via

    For the discriminating sugar addict who hates leaving the house, Bakers Krate sends different delectable baked desserts to your home every month. And they’re even made by professional Canadian bakers!

    Price: Starting at $17.99 and going up to $19.99 CDN/month. Order here.

    Free shipping? No, each package costs an additional $9.99 CDN in shipping.

    11. Bark Box

    Bark Box / Via

    Your dog deserves to get some mail, too. Each Bark Box contains treats, toys, and other canine-related items chosen based on the size of your pup.

    Price: Starting at $19.99 USD/month. Order here.

    Free shipping? No, it starts from $5 USD per package.

    12. meowbox

    meowbox / Via

    Similar to the Bark Box, meowbox sends personalized treats and toys for your BFF (best feline forever). This may help convince your cat not to puke in your shoes (for now).

    Price: Starting at $22.95 USD/month (but with the promo code CDNBOX10, you'll get 10% off your first package). Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!

    13. Top Shelf Razors

    Jim Williams / Top Shelf Razors / Via

    Circumvent the high prices of drug store razors by receiving four new razor cartridges every month in the mail — and from a Canadian company, too.

    Price: $6 CDN/month. Order here.

    Free Shipping? Yes!

    14. Owl Crate

    Owl Crate / Via

    For the Young Adult addict, Owl Crate sends you a package of YA books every month based on a different theme (e.g. paranormal or dystopian). Shipping isn't free, but luckily they offer package tracking on shipments to Canada.

    Price: Starting at $29.99 USD/month. Order here.

    Free shipping? No, but luckily they offer package tracking on shipments to Canada.

    15. Frock Box

    Frock Box / Via

    Based on the subscription style profile you provide, Frock Box will mail you hand-picked fashion items each month, varying from one piece of jewellery from a Canadian company, to entire ensembles. Only pay for the items you keep, and if you keep all of them, you get a 25% discount.

    Price: Starting at $29.95 and going up to $94.95 CDN/month, depending on the subscription. Order here.

    Free shipping? For some subscriptions, but up to $9.95 CDN/month for others.

    16. Panty By Post

    Panty By Post / Via

    No need to sort through the piles of panty displays in Victoria's Secret or La Senza — Panty By Post will send you a pretty new pair of panties every month in the mail. And it's Canadian!

    Price: $9.95 CDN for your first pair, and starting at $14.95 for every subsequent pair. Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!

    17. Ellebox

    Ellebox / Via

    Getting your period and realizing you forgot to buy supplies is the worst thing ever, but Ellebox removes that torture. You tell them how many tampons and pads you want (and what size), how long your cycle is, and the date of your last period, and they make sure you have everything you need (including some emergency chocolate) exactly when you need it. And it's a Canadian company, too!

    Price: Between $12 and $36.40 CDN/month, depending on your subscription. Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!

    18. Be Brave Box

    Be Brave Box / Via

    The Be Brave Box is made specifically for teens with chronic illnesses, providing them with games and books to keep them occupied while waiting to see a doctor. Toys and other items in every box are designed to keep them smiling, and remind them that they’re not alone. The company was founded by a Canadian with chronic kidney disease, who wanted to help spread joy to anyone else dealing with similar issues.

    Price: $21 CDN/every two months. Order here.

    Free shipping? Yes!