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18 People Who SWEAR They Didn't Mean To Send That Text

"Sorry, that was my friend."

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1. "Oops! I just recorded, saved, and sent you a video by mistake!"

grantishere / Via

2. "Whoopsie-daisy! That was meant for my girlfriend!"

3. "What an awkward error I just made!"

ariheretic / Via

4. "It was a pocket text! TOTAL ACCIDENT!"

noahdbi / Via

5. "It was a typo!"

thonkurnt / Via

6. "It's my FRIEND who was thinking about you!"

PanzerPeach / Via

7. "I couldn't have sent that! I was in the shower!"

8. "My cousin is such a mischievous scamp!"

fistingtrees / Via

9. "SERIOUSLY! Cousins are just the WORST!"

anothernightonmars / Via


11. "It's a joke I'm playing on EVERYBODY! Not just you!"

obserris / Via

12. "That photo of sex toys should have gone to a completely different person!"

gatsbyglasses / Via

13. "I meant to send that to my boyfriend! For real!"

sexualsefucktion / Via

14. "Of course I wasn't trying to impress you!"

Webify / Via

15. "I wanted to tell someone else about my penis!"

khenziekaye / Via

16. "This wasn't meant for you! Even though it mentions you specifically!"

Kpopllama / Via

17. "I totally didn't mean to send you the naked photos I'm about to send you right now!"

Rachsicle / Via

18. "...Congratulations, you passed my test."

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