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18 Purrfect Reasons Orange Cats Are Secretly The Best Kind Of Cats

They're like itty-bitty personal tigers.

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1. Ginger cats don't get a lot of attention, but you know the truth...

2. ...which is that ginger kitties are actually the best and cutest cats.

Instagram: @elisha_young_

3. People joke that their orange fur means they're more evil than other cats...

4. ...but you're pretty sure they can see all the way into your soul.

5. Plus, you know that ginger cats are actually incredibly affectionate and love to cuddle.

Instagram: @sneaknskeeter

6. When they give you the Puss in Boots eyes (BUT IN REAL LIFE), you're completely helpless.


7. They're like a tiny little tiger that you get to pet and snuggle with.

Instagram: @charliethegingerkitten

8. Their orange fur immediately makes any outfit so much better.

Instagram: @ginger_penny

9. And with the right accessories, they can do a spot-on Firefox impression.

10. The little stripes they have on their foreheads make you just wanna pet them all the time.

Instagram: @carrie_sg

11. And it's impossible not to rub your face in their orange, fuzzy bellies.

Instagram: @finneganmckittykins

12. Their brightly coloured fur provides a nice contrast against any other pets you might have.

Instagram: @marley_and_stew

13. And if you have more than one ginger kitty, you get a big pile of adorable, indistinguishable ginger fuzz.

Instagram: @smwinchell

14. Their bright fur adds an extra pop of colour against an already vibrant world.

Instagram: @darlingmeatball

15. OK, sometimes they may clash with your stuff...

Instagram: @elektrablade

16. ...but they never clash with you.

Instagram: @bb8kitty

17. So even though they're not always the most graceful creatures in the cat kingdom...

Instagram: @miloanderica

18. have a lot of love for ginger cats, and you know they have a lot of love to give.
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