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    21 Things You Should Never Do At Tim Hortons

    Doughnut do these things.

    1. Ignore what the cashier is actually asking.

    2. Make the employees go through the whole list.

    3. Forget where you actually are.

    4. Refuse to hand your money directly to the cashier.

    5. Decide to give exact change after the transaction.

    6. "Forget" to pay for your order.

    7. Ignore drive-thru etiquette.

    8. Bring your hangover to the drive-thru.

    9. Act like you're the only one in line at the drive-thru.

    10. Ruin the drive-thru for everybody.

    11. Harass or insult hard-working people.

    12. Forget what "double-double" actually means.

    13. Ask a question when you already know the answer is going to be "yes."

    14. Deplete the cashier's change drawer.

    15. Make jokes that everyone's heard a million times.

    16. Do god-knows-what in the bathroom.

    17. Hold up the line with your lack of reading comprehension.

    18. Not understand the basic laws of heat transference.

    19. Not know what "closed" means.

    20. Use the Tim Hortons Children's Foundation bucket as your personal garbage bin.

    21. And finally, you should never be impatient or rude to a store full of people trying their best.

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