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    19 Incredibly Petty Tweets About Incredibly Petty People

    So petty, it's almost impressive.

    1. This Netflix ex:

    This girl I used to go out with is still using my Netflix and that's cool. She's watching Scandal and is currently on S7E12. Series finale is S7E18. Guess who's changing her password as soon as she gets to episode 17? Yep, it's Petty Labelle.

    2. This person who willfully ignored the correct way to make tea:

    I just remembered the time I was dating a British man and I was annoyed at him about something so I deliberately made my tea in the microwave while staring him right in the eyes

    3. These annoyed neighbors:

    Thee funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, my view from work

    4. This friend who embraced their blurry vision:

    i was arguing with my bestfriend, and in the middle of it she took her glasses off n said “i don’t wanna see you right now”

    5. This angry child:

    My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster...

    6. This incredibly petty roommate:

    Wanna hear a new level of “being a shitty roommate”? I asked my roommate to take the trash out, as I have been gone a week and a half. She then proceeded to PICK THROUGH THE TRASH AND ONLY THREW OUT THINGS THAT SHE THREW AWAY. W H A T ?!

    7. This rejected date:

    I’m really just in disbelief that I went on a date with a guy and nicely told him I didn’t think we were compatible and he Venmo requested me for dinner, I had a damn grilled cheese 💀💀💀

    8. This mom who isn't going to let a few fights ruin a good photo of herself:

    Lol my mom has fought with so many of her friends that this picture is just of her w/ a bunch of no headed ladies

    9. This volunteer parking inspector:

    I've carried chalk in my car for 10 months JUST so i could do this once. Yesterday was the day

    10. This loving sister:

    My sister cropped me out of her profile picture with this caption 😤😤😤

    11. This Bible-reading ex:

    my ex texted me last night and said she couldn’t sleep.. i told her to look up Isaiah 48:22 (there is no rest for the wicked) lmao leave me alone

    12. This ex who also loves Toy Story 2:

    One time my ex was really mad at me after we broke things off & he sent me this & never talked to me again

    13. This ex who kept a memento for far too long:

    my ex just snapchatted me saying “look what I found in my wallet” and it was video of him throwing a Polaroid of me in the trash...... okay JOE ur the weirdo who kept a picture of me in your wallet for a year lmao

    14. This girlfriend who is very subtle with her hints:

    My uncle's girlfriend of 9 years and they have a child together posted this. I aspire to be this petty

    15. These villagers who had reason to celebrate:

    This is the most passive aggressive thing i've seen in a while

    16. This coffee shop customer:

    Coffee shop. People next to me are loud and rude. They just found the perfect name for their new business. I just bought the domain name.

    17. This grammar-focused ex:

    When your ex writes you an apology letter so you grade it to send it back

    18. This not-technically-wrong brother:

    I told my brother he can eat half of my grapes

    19. And this very sneaky party host:

    I turn hotdog water into ice cubes for guests that I don't like

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