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17 Handwriting Samples That Are So Perfect They'll Calm You The Hell Down

There's nothing quite like beautiful penmanship. H/T r/PenmanshipPorn

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1. This perfect "2."

2. This immaculate checkmark.

3. This flawless "5."

4. This divine "my."

5. The impeccable writing of the "99" in "1991."

6. The glorious way the "A" in "Attn" is written.

7. This smooth as hell "minimum."

8. The transcendent way this person writes the letter N.

9. The splendiferous writing of the word "Typography."

10. These soothing notes from class.

11. The undeniable beauty of these Philosophy notes.

12. The gorgeous handwriting on these thank-you cookies.

13. This heavenly invoice.

14. The dreamy writing of "Caramelized."

15. These all-different, all-perfect handwriting styles.

16. This calming restaurant menu.

17. And this totally sublime "hazelnut."

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