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18 Beaver Shots You Definitely Shouldn't View At Work

You've been warned.

1. This wet beaver.

2. This soaking wet beaver.

3. This perky beaver.

4. This relaxed beaver.

5. This beaver, who loves hard wood.

6. This beaver, who wants the wood all to itself.

7. This friendly beaver.

8. This naughty-looking beaver.

9. This beaver, who can't stay away from pipe.

10. This beaver who looks especially gorgeous close up.

11. This bristly beaver.

12. This beaver, who is happy being left alone.

13. These beavers who prefer the company of other beavers.

14. These double-teaming beavers.

15. This beaver, getting its rocks off.

16. This beaver, who's hard to spot among the bush.

17. This beautiful beaver just begging to be petted.

18. And this beaver, who is totally judging you, you perv.