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18 Ways The OSSSA Defined Your High School Experience

R.I.P. the Ontario Secondary School Students Association.

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1. The Ontario Secondary School Students Association was a huge part of your high school experience.

Natalie Mandic

But you called it "Oh-Triple-Ess-Eh" (which was easier and much more fun to say).

2. You spent countless weekends attending OSSSA leadership conferences all over the province.

Mike Jutan

One weekend, you'd be at SQUISH in London; the next, you'd be at WAVE in Pickering.

3. And you proudly built up your OSSSA T-shirt collection.

Nicole Lace

Which meant you constantly had to explain to non-OSSSA-ers why you were wear a shirt that said "RANCHY" on it.


5. And it was totally normal to dress like you were going to a '90s rave.

Mike Jutan

Because these conferences were where you could act fun and crazy (that is, you could be yourself) without judgment.


9. You were totally traumatized by THE MAZE (i.e. "Let's force a bunch of kids to try to complete an impossible maze and laugh at their failure").

Bonnie Murphywood

But later on, you had no qualms about sending other kids through it.

11. But you also thought it was badge of honour to get as little sleep as possible during an OSSSA conference.

12. When you finally became a Leadership Developer (or, rather, an "L.D."), you felt like you'd finally been granted access to the coolest club ever.

13. Your L.D. partner for each conference became your best friend in the WORLD... for four days.

Ezra Goldschlager

And the process would start all over again the next time you were an L.D.


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