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24 Times Nathan Fillion Was The Funniest Thing On Twitter


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Jason Merritt / Getty Images // Nathan Fillion/Twitter / Via Twitter: @NathanFillion

1. On phone etiquette:

When holding the butt of a phone 4 inches from your mouth, you defeat the purpose of speakerphone. And, it’s a butt.

2. On fear and anxiety:

“@bonesPA: @NathanFillion I fear dying alone without a family, what do you fear?” Sharks with my address.

3. On good sportsmanship:

Kid on Xbox: Eat a bag of dicks. Me: I'm vagiterian. Nailed it.

4. On intelligence:

“@UberFacts: Smarter people tend to make sarcastic comments quicker than people who aren’t as smart.” REALLY? Wow! SooOOOoo cool!

5. On personal space:

If you slap someone on the back, they probably hate you. Probably.

“@julietnyc: @NathanFillion but what if they were choking?” Let them die with dignity.

6. On metaphysics:

“@therealjennolan: @NathanFillion Do you believe in reincarnation?” No, but I did in my last life.

7. On the Force:

“@SteedSean: @NathanFillion that must have hurt ” He released me for a signed Serenity DVD.

8. On vanity:

“@teATXas: @NathanFillion you’re so vain you probably think this tweet is about you. Don’t you?” …it’s addressed to me.

9. On stressful days:

Ever have one of those days when you could really use a dog?

10. On self-confidence:

“@shelbyreann: Watching firefly right now. @NathanFillion is perfect.” Perfect is a strong word. But, is it strong enough?

11. On evening plans:

“@buffygonebad: @NathanFillion how would u turn a boring Friday night into a not so boring Friday night?” Subtract pants.

12. On understanding the rules:

This one time, in fight club... never mind.

13. On personal preferences:

“@castleealways: @NathanFillion Do you prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads?” Yes.

14. On priorities:

“@p4rrilla: @NathanFillion What do you prefer, women or xbox?” Depends. How many women?

15. On romance in California:

Her- I have to pee. Me- Me, too. Let's share a flush. Her- AWWWWW! #droughtromantics

16. On technology:

I love seeing people on vacation using their iPad as a camera. For the convenience.

17. On entrepreneurship:

As a child, I plotted to drag a magnet on a string nonchalantly through fountains. It still tempts me.

18. On fashion:

19. On coincidences:

Girl at car rental: Anyone ever tell you that you look like Nathan Fillion. Me: All the time.

20. On expressing your feelings:

“@caskett_merder: @NathanFillion When was the last time that you said 'I love you'?” Just now. I read aloud.

21. On pet ownership:

“@MizfitKrista: @NathanFillion How are your cats btw?” Still dead.

22. On dinner companions:

“@VeryFineHat: @NathanFillion If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?” I'd prefer someone living.

23. On accuracy:

If you want to do a Canadian accent, rather than a-boot, try a-boat. Much more accurate.

24. On the best part of Canada:

“@cloudpictures7: @NathanFillion What do you miss most about Canada?” Canadians.