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    23 Things From ModCloth That Are Basically Made For Fall

    At last, a chance to use my favourite word — autumnal.

    1. A purple peplum top you can dress down with leggings or up with skinny pants and a major statement necklace. Versatility, we love to see it.

    A model wearing the long-sleeve, mock-neck top

    2. Posh plaid leggings that I think even Blair Waldorf would be okay with you wearing as pants.

    3. An *autumnal* (there, I said it) ruffled floral dress ideal for the backyard Folklore-inspired photoshoot you've been planning for the past two months. Isn't it just so pretty to think that all along there was some invisible string tying this dress to you?

    A model in the long-sleeve, brown and white, button-front mini dress

    4. A spoopy skeleton kitty robe because you might be spending Halloween season inside in your PJs, but it's still Halloween season, dang it!!!!!

    The burnt orange robe with a short hem and three quarter sleeves printed with skeleton black cats

    5. A corduroy mustard pencil skirt I think is condiment to be in your fall repertoire.

    Model wearing the knee-length skirt

    6. An absolutely OMG-worthy corgi-in-a-dino-costume sweatshirt that will be appropriate 24/7/365, long past Halloween. Honestly, I think you could show up to a black tie affair in the middle of February in this baby and no one would even complain. How can you say no to that face!?!?

    The black sweatshirt emblazoned with a corgi on its back legs in a green dinosaur outfit

    7. A totally croc 'n' roll embossed faux leather moto jacket to make every dress, sweater, or skirt you toss it on over approximately 3,672 times more badass.

    8. Groovy flared corduroy pants, because your jeans just don't sufficiently match your PSL — that's always been their fatal flaw.

    A model wearing the brown pants

    9. An elegant velvet maxi dress, which may cause a sudden urge to lie back on a loveseat and ask your partner, mom, or roommate to hand-feed you grapes like the queen that you are.

    A model in the emerald short-sleeve dress with a tie waist and surplice neckline

    10. A purr-ecious peekaboo kitty backpack for stashing your stuff during spooky season but also all year round.

    11. Glam and vintage-y lipstick earrings to give your fall OOTDs a ♫ red lip, classic ♫ touch that *won't* get hidden or smudged under your mask.

    The gold and red lipstick-shaped drop earrings

    12. Sperry duck boots that might actually have you looking forward to rainy days just so you can show 'em off.

    The brown leather and navy and tan rubber boots with leather laces and a side zip

    13. A go-everywhere knit blazer you could toss over your tee for a Zoom meeting and still be comfy. Can you say the same for the stuffy structured jackets in your closet? Didn't think so.

    14. Meow-velous kitty face tights your solid stockings will not be pleased to ~ear~ about. Yup, they're getting replaced once these ~whisker~ you away.

    A model wearing the tights, which are sheer on top and black on the bottom, with a black cat face design at the knee

    15. Classic oxfords perfect for trekking over crunchy leaves for a whole autumn mood — and even better for a wonderfully basic fall Insta post.

    16. A Sherlock-esque plaid cape that's what I imagine Mr. Holmes would wear if he were a fashion influencer. Psst, Sherlock — it'd be so cute with dark wash jeans or a miniskirt and tights.

    A model wearing the upper thigh-length teal, white, and orange cape with buttons and a bow at the neck

    17. A letter statement necklace I'll-phabet every word nerd will want to add to their collection.

    A model wearing the gold necklace with all the letters of the alphabet sculpted into it

    18. A sleeveless wide-leg jumpsuit with POCKETS and enough versatility to rock it in warm or cool weather and dress it up or down.

    A model wearing the black jumpsuit

    19. A cuddly chenille cardigan sure to remind you of your favourite blanket at your grandma's house in the best possible way.

    A model wearing the open gold cardigan that hits below the hips

    20. A butterfly and floral print midi dress practically made for pairing with tights and boots.

    21. A statement sweater dress that'll be a cozy way to rock the season's ~wild~ zebra stripe trend. I knew I shouldn't have gotten rid of those stripey cardigans from 2009.

    A model wearing the teal and black short-sleeve dress that hits above the knee

    22. *Splashy* leopard rain booties to make you easy to spot even on a dreary day.

    The black and brown booties

    23. And finally, a pretty much perfect plaid blazer, because no fall wardrobe would be complete without one.

    The blue, red, and white single-button blazer

    You in your haste to open your ModCloth package as soon as it arrives:

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