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17 Important Things '90s Kids Will Never Forget About Modrobes

Mod-robes? Mode-robes? Canadians could never decide.

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2. You and your friends could never agree on whether it was pronounced "Mod-robes" or "Mode-robes."

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3. However it was pronounced, you couldn't understand why anybody would wear jeans when Modrobes were available.

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4. They were both insanely comfortable and the epitome of ’90s fashion — especially in Canada. / Via

Since they were a Canadian brand, after all.

5. They were perfectly paired with your equally comfy Airwalks.

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6. And with your one-shouldered backpack, obvs.

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7. Don't forget your beaded chokers, either.

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9. You loved that they came in capri form. You know, for variety.

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11. And their marketing strategy totally understood your teenage sense of humour.

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13. You wish all your pants came with a side-squeeze belt already built into them.

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16. Because you've filled your wardrobe with Modrobes before, and you know you could do it again.

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