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17 Important Things '90s Kids Will Never Forget About Modrobes

Mod-robes? Mode-robes? Canadians could never decide.

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1. The Modrobes clothing label completely dominated your wardrobe in the late '90s.

Matty Ryan Tobin / Via

2. You and your friends could never agree on whether it was pronounced "Mod-robes" or "Mode-robes."

Instagram: @joselynmarieb / Via

3. However it was pronounced, you couldn't understand why anybody would wear jeans when Modrobes were available.

Instagram: @realtorroses / Via

4. They were both insanely comfortable and the epitome of ’90s fashion — especially in Canada. / Via

Since they were a Canadian brand, after all.

5. They were perfectly paired with your equally comfy Airwalks.

Instagram: @softnosferatu

6. And with your one-shouldered backpack, obvs.

Instagram: @kritter_tee / Via

7. Don't forget your beaded chokers, either.

Instagram: @mereeliza / Via

8. When it came to Modrobes, the bigger, the better.

Modrobes / Via Twitter: @modrobes

9. You loved that they came in capri form. You know, for variety.

Instagram: @chelssealeee / Via

10. And they also came in fleece, so you could keep on rocking them through the winter.

11. And their marketing strategy totally understood your teenage sense of humour.

Instagram: @srubik77 / Via

12. Like, REALLY understood it.


13. You wish all your pants came with a side-squeeze belt already built into them.

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14. To this day, when you see brightly-coloured racks of pants in stores, you immediately think that Modrobes have come back into style.

15. And you secretly wish they would, so you could enjoy their all-day comfort once more.

16. Because you've filled your wardrobe with Modrobes before, and you know you could do it again.

Instagram: @r2gamo / Via

17. And when you'd run out of stuff to buy at Modrobes, you knew exactly where to go next.

lovetoronto / Via