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    21 Tumblr Posts You'll Love If You're Obsessed With MBMBAM

    If the McElroys are involved, I'm into it.

    1. On the unlikeliness of MBMBAM's success:

    2. On tricking others into thinking you're learning something:

    3. On the tarantula parade the brothers threw for their TV show:

    4. On celebrity lookalikes:

    5. On Justin oversharing constantly:

    6. On suggested Tumblr posts:

    Tumblr / Via

    7. On what makes MBMBAM so delightful:

    8. On Justin's character from The Adventure Zone:

    9. On Griffin's ice cream truck song:

    10. On Joey Fatone's hot dog restaurant:

    kaptainandy / Tumblr / Via

    11. On side characters on The Adventure Zone:

    12. On special requests at hotels:

    13. On the brothers ragging on each other:

    14. On Travis's very special tank top:

    15. On Griffin's wide array of talents:

    16. On a famous MBMBAM reference making its way into a video game:

    xellandria/ Tumblr / Via

    (The game is Guacamelee 2, btw.)

    17. On Griffin's resume:

    19. On Griffin's impressive voice work:

    20. On doing a terrible job of describing all of the McElroys' various podcasts:

    21. And on perfectly describing the three McElroy brothers:

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