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    24 Marvel Moments That You Didn't See, But For Sure Took Place

    They might not have been in any of the movies, but they definitely happened.

    1. When Peter Parker met Ant-Man:

    2. When Peter Parker met Bruce Banner:

    3. When Peter Parker met Thor:

    4. When Thor taught other Asgardians about Earth:

    5. What happened when Peter and Shuri hung out:

    6. Where Peter got his Spider-Man costume from:

    7. When Peter and Shuri ate Tide Pods:

    8. When Peter had an influence on the rest of the Avengers:

    9. When Steve Rogers educated himself on modern references:

    10. When Peter used Gen Z humor:

    11. When Peter Parker joined Tumblr:

    12. When Valkyrie met the Dora Milaje:

    13. When Loki met Peter Parker:

    14. When Loki met the Grandmaster:

    15. When Thor attended Loki's funeral:

    16. When the Grandmaster knew everything:

    17. When Thor and Loki were children:

    18. When Peter Parker attempted humor with Thor:

    19. Why Peter Quill changed his voice when he met Thor:

    20. When Thor finally had a catch-up talk with the other Avengers:

    21. When Sam and T'Challa explored New York City together:

    22. When homophobes sued Tony Stark:

    23. When Nick Fury watched Star Wars:

    24. And why Nick Fury didn't call Captain Marvel until now: