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    17 Confusing Photos That'll Make You Question Reality For A Few Seconds

    Look again.

    1. This is not a photo of two people kissing.

    2. There is only one man on this motorcycle.

    3. This is not a cat sitting on a table.

    4. This bird is not taking a selfie.

    5. This man does not have a tiny arm.

    6. This girl is not hanging upside down.

    7. This is not two people hugging on a couch.

    8. These pigeons are not wondering where they parked their car.

    9. There is no ramp going down (hint: there's a puddle).

    10. This is not a pickpocket with really long arms.

    11. This guy doesn't have a really long arm, either.

    12. This woman is not a giant.

    13. Neither is this girl.

    14. You're not looking at snow on a steep mountain.

    15. This guy is not missing part of his bottom half.

    16. The girl in the middle is not just a floating head.

    17. And this dog is not riding a bicycle (sorry).