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18 Small Things All Torontonians Live For

Nothing tastes better than the first patio beer of year.

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1. Riding one of the new streetcars.

Instagram: @karen75

2. Using one of the diagonal crosswalks.

Dracopol / Via

3. Getting off the subway and having the escalator be RIGHT THERE.

Instagram: @randyfmcdonald

4. When part of the subway is shut down for repairs on the weekend and you realize that it's not going to affect you personally.

5. Seeing a listing for an apartment nearly identical to yours, except the rent is WAY HIGHER.

6. Being the first to board the ferry to the island.

Instagram: @nothingisknown

7. Watching a movie or TV show and knowing exactly where it was filmed in Toronto.

Warner Bros. / Via

8. Eating late-night drunk shawarma.

Late night #chicken #shawarma at #falafelhouse #toronto why fill a bowl with rice when you can fill with meat?

9. Standing in front of the "Hotline Bling" jellyfish wall at Ripley's Aquarium.

Instagram: @iamroline

10. When it snows during the night and you wake up to the streets and sidewalks already plowed and salted.

My tax $$at work.Thx City of #Toronto Sidewalk plow clears snow w/in a few hrs of snowfall @jayerobinson roads👍too

11. That one warm day in March when you think spring has arrived.

Amazing morning, is this really March? Loving the warm weather! #toronto

12. The next warm day, which happens in April, when spring ACTUALLY arrives.

CityNews / Via Twitter: @stellaacquisto

13. The first patio beer of the year.

The first of many patio beer days in Toronto.

14. Making friends with someone and finding out they have their own rooftop patio.

Instagram: @katangus

15. Drinking in Trinity Bellwoods and not getting caught.

16. And spotting the albino squirrel (who is NOT dead).

Albino squirrel #trinitybellwoodspark #toronto

17. Making friends with every dog you meet in public.

Instagram: @saspler

18. And eating all of the sinfully delicious, totally-bad-for-you-but-who-the-hell-cares food at the CNE.

Instagram: @funkbeee