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22 Times The Internet Perfectly Understood "Degrassi"

Whatever it takes, we know you will make it through... unless you're J.T. (Sorry.)

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1. This very necessary Wikipedia edit:

2. This 100% accurate recap of every line Paige ever spoke:

3. This one that is still WAY TOO SOON:

4. Seriously, we're still not over it:

5. This one that reminds us that J.T. isn't the only one we lost:

6. The obligatory "Wheelchair Jimmy" meme:

7. ...Which was turned into an even better meme in real life:


8. Guys, it's not funny!

9. OK, maybe it's a little funny:

Drake should've used those dance moves in Degrassi

10. Last Drake one, I promise:

11. This one that questions Imogen's thought process:

12. Not that Eli was exactly a beacon of logic and reason, either:

13. This romantic Valentine:

14. This mocking of Riley:

15. This fantastic before and after:

16. Although Emma wasn't perfect:

17. This one we're still scratching our heads over:

18. This one about the girls that Peter happened to date:

19. This one about the difference between Canada and the U.S.:

20. This one about all the Degrassi students who mysteriously stopped showing up to class:

21. This one about Maya's hypocrisy:

22. And finally, this one that captures all of our hearts and minds and souls:

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Now we just have to wait until January 15 for Degrassi: Next Class to be released on Netflix.

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But I wanna watch it nowwwwww.