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Oh My Goodness, Chimera Cats Are Twice As Beautiful As Regular Cats

I, for one, welcome our two-faced overlords.

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1. Behold this two-faced beauty.

venustwofacecat / Via

2. This striking type of feline is called a chimera cat.

3. Their unique look is due to two embryos fusing in the womb, resulting in two sets of DNA combining to make one gorgeous kitty.

MitchellnAnderson / Via

4. The result is that they look like the cat version of Harvey Dent.

PoorSonnet / Via

5. Always coming up with nefarious plots to take over Gotham (and your heart).

6. Figuring out ways to defeat Batman with cuteness.

kg412 / Via

7. Flipping a coin to determine whether or not to nuzzle you or claw at you.

ophyrinx / Via

8. Trying to find a balance between good and evil.

9. They may be trying to take down Gotham, but it's pretty difficult to stay mad at a face like that.

Sarabus / Via

10. Would Batman really complain about going up against such a foe?

ChopSui / Via

11. Or would he just bring them back to the Batcave and snuggle them forever?

12. In fact, maybe that's all a part of their brilliant scheme.

13. Distract Batman with not one, but two beautiful faces.

14. Then just wait to be adopted and brought back to Wayne Manor.

nannercakes / Via

15. And they'll defeat the Caped Crusader by covering his black clothes with cat hair.

WildHeartsRun / Via

16. It's diabolical, but just crazy enough to work.

paulinethetortie / Via

17. And who wouldn't want these multi-faceted little furballs to take over the world?

motheroftacos / Via

18. I, for one, welcome our new two-faced overlords.

meanbettybean / Via

19. I don't care if you're a megalomaniacal supervillain.

tu_the_chimera_cat / Via

20. Because when you're this cute, the human race is powerless against you.

iamgiventofly / Via

21. You can defeat Gotham — and my heart — anytime you like, chimera kitties.

gemmaandpippa / Via

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