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    26 Frustrations All GO Transit Riders Know To Be True

    Keep your feet off the seats!

    For many people who live in the Greater Toronto Area, GO Transit is the best way in and out of the city.

    But "best" doesn't always mean "good."

    1. Like when other passengers put their dirty shoes on the fabric seats...

    2. ...To the point that the act is called "footriding."

    This guy is currently talking sh*t about me because I asked him and his lover to refrain from footriding. #classact

    3. Sometimes they do it in socks, and also break other rules.

    Andrew Lundy / Via Facebook: landru

    There are special areas for bicycles and this is not it.

    4. Sometimes people don't even bother with shoes!

    @GOtransit wow once again but its bare stinkin feet this time, do something #gotransit I sit in these seats

    @GOtransit #gotransit for the love of god next thing they will do is take their pants off, do something #Stinky

    How hard is it to keep your shoes on in public?!

    5. When the seat cleanliness problem is worse than dirt.

    Andrew Lundy / Via Facebook: landru

    Nope nope nope.

    6. When passengers think their bags need a comfortable ride.

    On a packed rush hour train! She obviously bought a separate ticket for her bags. @GOChronicles #gotransit

    5:05 LSE train is full but luckily this lady had a seat for her bag 'o books. @ThisCrazyTrain #seatsareforbums

    Some Women get on the bus with 3 bags & take up two seats but give attitude when you ask for a seat....😒 #gochro

    7. When the train announcer is impossible to understand.

    Thought the CSA was saying "Albert" for the past 2 stops, and was wondering who t f Albert is. Turns out he was saying "all aboard". #gochro

    8. When passengers willfully ignore the designated quiet zones.

    That means shut yer trap, buddy!

    9. When passengers think the GO Train is their personal music studio...

    To the guy across from me on the GO train: I don't need to hear the Nickleback you are listening to perfectly through your headphones. #why

    When the guy on the bus is wearing headphones but is so loud you can still hear everything. Like why bother? #GOchro

    Don't have headphones? Wanna listen to music on the #gotrain? Just pop your mobile into your shirt collar & voilà!

    10. ...or their personal cafeteria...

    Oh good. Someone is eating some stinky ass food or has indigestion and is burping on my train @GOChronicles @WoeTransit #gochro


    @dougy_douger I want to best friend her so hard

    OMG NO.

    12. Seriously?!

    13. When passengers do unthinkably stupid things.

    OMG! Some people really want to win a Darwin award. Don't do this. #GOSafety #DontCrossTracks cc @GOgrodzinski301

    Don't cross the tracks! There are signs everywhere saying that!

    14. When the Union Station concourse closes for renovations.

    15. When rush hour means standing shoulder-to-shoulder for the entire ride.

    Feeling Adventurous? Want to experience the closest thing to Hell on earth? Ride the GO train! #GOTransit #Hell

    16. Or they provide a shorter train for the same number of people.

    @Metrolink good job taking away 2 cars on the stouffvile line, already this packed with 5 stops left #gotransit

    17. Trying to catch the train home after the Blue Jays play.

    Your safety is important to us. Please do NOT walk along the yellow line. #GOtransit #BlueJays

    Taking #gotransit after a #BlueJays game just got out = the worst @GOChronicles

    18. Or during the CNE.

    Standing on the #gotransit train for the 5th day in a row. I hate the #cne. #toronto

    19. Or BOTH.

    Completely rammed with Blue Jays, Air Show and #CNE traffic on the Lakeshore Line Eastbound. #gotransit

    20. When the Union Station GO bus terminal is shut down because a bus CRASHED INTO THE PLATFORM.

    21. When a bomb scare leaves thousands of passengers stranded.

    Thanks to the asshole who left a "suspicious package" at exhibition.... My night is now in the hands of Bomb Squad... 😔 #gochro

    Even though it's better safe than sorry.

    22. And you think the delays might have a silver lining...

    Great news for Stouffville passengers! @GOtransit

    23. ...only for your hopes to be dashed once again.

    I retract my previous tweet. Sorry Stouffville. #gochro

    24. When the delays finally end but everyone still needs to get home.

    The Bay Teamway is a nightmare at the best of times...just think of today as a warm up for winter delays! #gochro

    The struggle is real. Tensions are high. The BO is even higher. Plug yo nose @GOChronicles #gotrain #struggleisreal

    25. When it's literally faster to walk to Etobicoke than try to get on a GO Train.

    For all the sheep stranded on #GOtransit tonight, the walk to #mimico is not that baaad. I do it just for cardio

    26. And for the record, there's a perfectly good (and sanitary) way to put your feet up on the GO train.

    In case you were wondering, this is the proper way to put your feet up on the #GOtrain :-) #gotransit #GOsafely

    Keep your shoes on and your feet off the seats, people.

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