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    21 Last-Minute Gifts For Anyone Who Still Doesn't Know What To Get Their Family Members

    Ideas for your brother, sister, daughter, son, mom, dad, or first cousin twice removed.

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    1. A wireless phone charger that'll keep them from sneaking into your room and stealing yours.

    2. A breakfast sandwich maker that can whip up a morning meal in five minutes because we allll have a breakfast diva in the fam.

    3. A neon pineapple light or ghost-shaped light that'll ~brighten~ their day, and basically look super cute in any room in their house.

    4. A hilarious and easy-to-play game to take family game nights to a new level of fun, all thanks to you. *Takes bow.*

    5. A two-inch memory foam mattress topper perfect if you don't know what the heck to get them — ya know, because nothing beats the gift of a good night's rest!

    6. A sleek French press coffee and tea maker that's as useful as it is pretty. And let's be honest here, most of our family members could use some good ol' caffeine in the mornings.

    7. AND! A bag of ultra-caffeinated coffee to give them the extra kick they need on sluggish mornings — and so they can't pull the "I'm tired' card when you ask them for a favour!

    8. A Michael Scott print if The Office is the only show your entire family can agree on.

    9. Spicy honey you better bee-lieve they can smother on all their favourite foods since it tastes amazing with everything.

    10. A felt purse organizer for their everyday tote that, sadly, doesn't have many pockets inside. Mom can't find her keys? Not anymore!

    11. A pair of trusty headphones you can *cough cough* give to your family's headphone thief.

    12. A vacuum insulated water bottle they'll actually want to carry around. It comes in tons of neutral and fun prints so you're bound to find one everyone in your fam will love.

    13. A travel pillow to save their neck on long plane, car, or bus trips. The most exciting gift? Probably not. Will they use it regularly and love you for it? You betcha.

    14. A dictionary safe with a secret compartment for storing the goods they don't want to share with the world (aka their nosy siblings).

    15. Memory foam slippers, because the ultimate lounger in the family *needs* a pair of these to reach peak coziness. It's just a fact.

    16. Eat What You Watch — a not-your-everyday cookbook filled with delicious recipes inspired by movies for cinema *and* food lovers alike...soooo everyone?

    17. And, a movie scratch-off poster to keep track of all the flicks the fam bam watches during family movie nights.

    18. A set of watercolour planet plates you should only gift if the recipient has fully accepted that Pluto is not a planet (...Pluto is not included in this set).

    19. A gorgeous and mighty essential oil diffuser and humidifier that will keep their nose hydrated and their body relaxed all year long.

    20. An AeroGarden so they can actually grow and enjoy fresh herbs year round. Idk, but this seems like something you could benefit from, just sayin'! *Cough cough*, fresh mojitos...

    21. A critter catcher to help them catch bugs and other crawlies while keeping a very, VERY safe distance.

    It's not a competition, but you will be handing out some of the best gifts.

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