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21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts To Read When You're Bored In Class

Instead of learning stuff, read this!

1. On sex ed:

2. On Shakespeare:

3. On young love:

4. On learning a second language:

5. On school dances:

6. On chance encounters:

7. On diversions:

8. On overheard conversations:

9. On being a total boss:

10. On the realities of high school:

11. On drama, drama, drama:

12. On assemblies:

13. On Canada:

14. On embarrassment:

15. On irony:

16. On plot inconsistencies:

17. On Barney the dinosaur:

18. On textbooks:

19. On fierce power moves:

20. On leaving a legacy:

21. And on choosing essay topics (it's long, but it's worth it):