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    23 Reasons Why Edmonton Is The Worst City In Canada

    What's so great about a mall, anyway?

    1. Let's state the obvious: Nobody gives a shit about Edmonton.

    2. So they have a big mall. What's so fun about that?

    3. The city doesn't have any interesting architecture to catch your eye.

    4. Nope, no architecture or culture at all.

    5. You won't find any hidden spots of unexpected beauty.

    6. Nobody there has any real appreciation for the arts.

    7. If you're a fan of any kind of art, really, Edmonton is probably the worst place you could go.

    8. Ugh. Hideous.

    9. Is there even anything to do in Edmonton during the winter?

    10. Your kids would just be trapped indoors all season.

    11. Not that there's anything to do in the summer, either.

    12. I mean, everyone in Edmonton must be bored to tears during the warm months.

    13. There aren't any celebrations of different cultures.

    14. And if you like nature, Edmonton is not the place for you.

    15. It's concrete as far as the eye can see.

    16. The city is a pedestrian's nightmare.

    17. Going to school there would be the worst torture imaginable.

    18. You won't find any charming neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

    19. And the suburbs are typically dull.

    20. If you're a history buff, just go to the library, because there's nothing to see here.

    21. There's just no sense of community in Edmonton.

    22. Nothing EVER happens to bring everyone together.

    23. Trust us: Edmonton is best seen from afar. Stay away.