Why Dutch From "Killjoys" Is The Most Kick-Ass Woman On TV

    The warrant is all.

    1. When she had no qualms about carrying a concealed weapon.

    2. When she and Johnny didn't care about preparation.

    3. When her necklace turned into EXPLODING SPIDERS.

    Where can I buy it?!

    4. And then she proceeded to kick ass in an evening dress.

    Again: shut up and take my money.

    5. When she and Johnny had the sweetest (platonic) relationship on TV.

    6. When she was willing to do whatever it takes to defeat her enemies.

    Even stab herself in the neck with poison.

    7. When she rocked bangs exactly how we all wish we could.

    Oh sure, bangs on Dutch look great, but when I get bangs, I look like I got attacked with a weed whacker.

    8. When she let down her tough exterior to show her sisterly love for Johnny.

    9. When she had quite a way with words.

    10. No, seriously.


    11. When she just couldn't resist D'avin any longer.

    D'avin can get it.

    12. (Even if Johnny wasn't super stoked about it.)

    13. When she realized that sometimes, there's no correct answer.

    14. When she survived floating in deep space.

    15. And then blew up a spaceship like it was NBD.

    16. When she continued to kick serious ass all season.

    17. When the first season ENDED with Dutch vowing to find her friend...

    ...Even though he's being kept on a secret base on an desolate moon. Argh, is it time for Killjoys season 2 yet?!