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    19 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Experience Of Shopping At No Frills

    "I didn't know human dignity was a frill until I started shopping at No Frills."

    1. On precarious peace:

    2. On typical customers:

    3. On shopping experiences:

    4. On special "deals":

    5. On alcohol sales:

    6. On fresh selection:

    7. On guilty pleasures:

    8. On smells:

    9. On discoveries:

    10. On violence:

    11. On diets:

    12. On adulthood:

    13. On cravings:

    14. On shopping bags:

    15. On exotic cuisine:

    16. On supermarket music:

    17. On moderation:

    18. On breaking into song:

    19. And on frills:

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